Auchentoshan The Bartender's Malt: 2018 Edition

Scotch Whisky Single Malt

Auchentoshan The Bartender's Malt: 2018 Edition

The 2017 approach to the blending was a wholehearted, collaborative effort and one that the bartenders and Ron are immensely proud of. Guided by Ron, they selected casks which would impart rich and rounded flavours on the final blend. The base is a marriage of expressions from a Ruby Port Wood Finish, Red Wine Barrique Finished and a Fermentation Experiment matured in first fill barrels. Layered on top of this base they added full strength Three Wood and Marsala Finished American Oak. Finally, it is dressed with 1966 ex-Bourbon Barrel, 1980 Sherry Butt and American Oak finished in Peated Quarter Cask, Virgin Minnesota Barrels and Toasted Hogsheads, a marriage truly made in heaven! (Well Glasgow actually.) The goal was high proof, (50%ABV higher than AO, BM 01 or TW) rich flavour and mixability that came out top.

No age statement
750 ml

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Amber honey
  • Aroma: Dried orange peel, vintage port, grenadine and cinnamon
  • Taste: Orange wine, saffron, heather honey and black pepper
  • Finish: London and lingering with hints of pepper and orange liqueur
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