Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka


Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka

Okay, ladies, this is vodka with natural flavors that will finally let you up your cocktail game. Whether your preference is over ice or with a mixer (might we suggest fresh citrus juice and a splash of club soda?), our Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka goes down smooth and easy, with the delicious taste of a freshly peeled tangerine. Throw in some fresh sliced citrus to whatever concoction you design, and you’ve got yourself one low-calorie, amazingly refreshing vodka cocktail with natural flavors.

750 ml

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Clear
  • Aroma: Inviting forward tangerine, reminiscent of freshly peeled tangerine, sweet note
  • Taste: Mouthwatering tangerine flavor with sweet ripe notes and hints of sliced peel
  • Finish: Gentle tangerine finish including hints of peel
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Skinnygirl® Tangerine Vodka with Natural Flavors, 30% Alc./Vol. ©2018 Skinnygirl Cocktails, Chicago, IL
(Per 1.5 oz – Average Analysis: Calories 75.5, Carbohydrates 0g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g)